About Me! Jalaj

My name is Jalaj, that’s ज-ल-ज. Before telling anything about me, let me introduce you to the name. This is a sanskrit word that breaks to Jal + aj (jal-water, aj- born) i.e. born from water and specifically means Lotus, which happens to be our National flower. There exists similar names that also mean Lotus, and… Read More »

A Project Manager’s Love Song

A Project Manager’s Love Song: थोड़ा सा प्यार हुआ है (Payment for 1st Milestone paid) थोड़ा है बाकी (Payment for post-UAT milestone pending) हम तो दिल ही चुके (Project delivery done) बस तेरी हाँ है बाकी (User acceptance awaited) These lines just came to my mind out of nowhere, when I was reviewing all my… Read More »