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By | December 20, 2008

Google Images for Kids? Wow!!

Well… No.. there is no such new product as Google Images for Kids but it’s just that Google have added a few more Image filtering options on Google Images one of which Kids will find most amusing, the filter to bring up only line-art or “coloring pages”, the name children know them better by.

So while searching for Ben 10 (my son’s current favorite, why see a single super-hero when you can watch 10 super heroes in a single show :) )  on Google Images you get to see these results :

searching for the same keywords with “Line Drawings” filter brings up this set of results.

And did I forget to mention another new filter option “Clip Art”? Searching for Ben 10 with Clip Art filter brings up yet another set of results.

So children here are coloring pages for you from Aladdin, Finding Nemo, Doraemon and if you want to search your favorite use Aladdin link and give your own search there!

While the first set contains assorted images with no specific image criteria, the second one shows only shows Line drawings or line-arts or coloring pages (kids are you hearing?) and the third set shows only clip-arts.

Technically speaking line drawings are those images that have only back and white (and sometimes a few shades of gray) colors and cliparts are the ones which though have colors but number of colors limited to a very small number (generally less than 16)… Want comparison? a beautiful photographic image with GIF extension have no more than 256 colors in it, while a JPG image may contain upto 1.6 million colors! Who knows Google might be using same criteria for filtering out these images?

Earlier Google introduced a couple of more filters named “Photo content” and “News Content”. Lets have a  look using search string Taj Hotel Mumbai

While searching Taj Hotel Mumbai using “Photo Content” filter the results are the beautiful pics of the Taj Hotel as shown above. But when “News Content” filter is selected the images in the results are those of the recent terrorist attack on this hotel. Evidently the pics in this set of results are the once from the sites that are identified by Google as News sources.

That’s all for this post. Next time you go searching on Google Images do check other options available there to enhance your search experiance.

2 thoughts on “Google Images for Kids

  1. Atniz

    My son is 15 months old now. I found it very useful to get a image like this from google. Maybe not now, later it will be helpful for my son.

  2. SnoopDog

    Не очень понятно о чем идет речь, хотелось бы более обширнее получить информацию о данной теме.


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