A Project Manager’s Love Song

A Project Manager’s Love Song: थोड़ा सा प्यार हुआ है (Payment for 1st Milestone paid) थोड़ा है बाकी (Payment for post-UAT milestone pending) हम तो दिल ही चुके (Project delivery done) बस तेरी हाँ है बाकी (User acceptance awaited) These lines just came to my mind out of nowhere, when I was reviewing all my […]

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

“Devki’s eighth son would kill you Kans”, came a voice from the sky, just when Kans was leading his recently-wed sister Devki and her husband Vasudev to the decorated chariot. Enraged and with the intention to prove the prophecy wrong, he rushed towards the couple to kill them. Devki fell to his feet “this is […]

The Matrix Unloaded

Have you seen that 1999 movie called “The Matrix”? The deadly trio Morpheus, Trinity & Neo are on the building roof and there is a helicopter there that could help them flee. Morpheus asks Trinity “Do you know how to fly that?” Trinity replies “Not yet!”.. She then contacts their spaceship and asks for a […]

Why Blog 2.0?

My first experience with blogging dates to 2005 when i started a blog on Blogspot which lasted 13 days and 15 posts, let’s call this Pre-school. After over 20 months I made another attempt with a new blog on WordPress. It was more of a journal where I documented my current learning in programming in Visual Basic […]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!