About Me! Jalaj

My name is Jalaj, that’s ज-ल-ज. Before telling anything about me, let me introduce you to the name. This is a sanskrit word that breaks to Jal + aj (jal-water, aj- born) i.e. born from water and specifically means Lotus, which happens to be our National flower. There exists similar names that also mean Lotus, and refer the sources of water in the names instead of water itself, say, Neeraj – Neer + aj – born from river, Saroj – Saro + aj – born from lake.

What differentiates “Jalaj” from others is – first - that it is rarely picked by parents to name the new-borns, which also means that you show up in top results in Google when searched for first name alone. The second good thing is that it is a palindrome – a word that reads the same whether you read from left to right J-A-L-A-J or right to left J-A-L-A-J.. ting ning ning ning ning… ting ning ning ning ning…

I am not sure if you could figure that this ting-ning* act is lifted from a 15 year old movie ‘Hadh kar di aapne’ that translates to ‘you have crossed the limits’. When it comes to watching movies this limit thing applies to me. Probability is that you talk something and a related scene or dialog from a movie will pop into my mind. For example recently when I heard about the Toastmasters Club, I opened the net to check if there was a club near Goregaon, there was one visible on the map, and when I clicked it, it turned out that it was hosted by the very company that I work for. I could then hear Ajay Devgan from movie Bol Bachchan say ‘Boy under armpit, hypercity noise pollution’.

photoI love watching movies, I love watching them again, again and again… Hollywood movies The Matrix and Independance day tops the list of movies where I have lost count of number of times I have watched them. Hero No 1 & Sholay holds that honour from bollywood.

When I am not watching movie, I can be seen reading, for I love reading too. A few years back when I said ‘I love reading’ to someone, he asked which book do I read other than the technical books, I was caught off-guard. There was at least a year’s gap between each book I could remember reading. I decided to increase the frequency of reading, which was not initially that fruitful until I took the ‘52 weeks 52 books’ project around 2 years back. With a non-fragile commitment and perseverance, I kept on reading and finished 52 books with-in a year. I achieved the 52-books target with a couple of weeks still left, and read 12 Fiction, 38 Non-fiction & 2 Memoirs/auto-biography. I prefer to keep Memoirs/auto-biographies separate because though the authors maintain that those fall under “non-fiction” category, I find them near to ‘fiction” at many places. Currently I am in the second season of the project which ends on 31st May and needless to say third one starts very next day.

Next thing I love is photography. And this love story got a big boost when Google+ started in 2011. While my friends chose to remain loyal to Facebook, I switched and made friends with a lot of photographers there. While people continue to call Google+ a ghost town, I actually learnt and sharpened my photography skills and techniques there.

I love to warm up daily by solving Sudoku, Kakuro, Hitori and Loop puzzles that appear daily in Times of India and Mumbai Mirror. Sudoku Tutor has been one of my pet projects. The latest version, a Chrome app, can be installed from here. And last but not the least - the outdoor games – Cricket, Football, Badminton, Volleyball, I don’t play any of these, of course since, I am not Superman or Iron-man to do everything on Earth. In fact due to lack of physical activities my closest match would be Hagrid of Harry potter movies. That’s all for the intro, see you back soon.

* 12 sec of video referred above

A Project Manager’s Love Song

A Project Manager’s Love Song:

थोड़ा सा प्यार हुआ है (Payment for 1st Milestone paid)
थोड़ा है बाकी (Payment for post-UAT milestone pending)
हम तो दिल ही चुके (Project delivery done)
बस तेरी हाँ है बाकी (User acceptance awaited)

These lines just came to my mind out of nowhere, when I was reviewing all my projects and found a couple where on-order payment was done but final milestone payment was pending. The original love song is from movie “Maine Dil Tujhko Diya”.